Are you an office worker? Do you spend too much of your time on an office desk? Do you sometimes experience some pain at your back? You badly want to forestall the problem of slouching which is simply the abnormal bending of the back and spine. 

This can only happen if you familiarize yourself with and adopt the appropriate techniques of proper sitting posture at computer. These proper sittings postures form the basis of our discussions hereunder.


Stabilize your Butt

Start off by stabilizing your butt. To do this, push back your hips as far backward as is realistically possible. This is to confer great stability to you, minimize strains, and prevent the possibilities of falling off the chair. You will need this stability to take care of those moments when you might have to fidget. A stable butt will less likely predispose you to any discomforts and injuries.

Adjust the Seat Height

Your height matters much while seated. This is because it determines how comfortable you shall view your keyboard and computer monitor. You should hence adjust it in such a manner as to maintain your feet at a flat position on the floor. Your knees, on the other hand, should be at the same level or slightly lower than that of your hips. This arrangement is to enhance and facilitate the smooth flow of blood to the whole body.

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Recline the Seating Angle Accordingly

Now work on your back. As a general rule, your back ought to recline at an angle of around 100°-110°. Adjust the back of your seat accordingly to make it tilt at this range of angle. While at it, be sure that you offer adequate support to the upper and lower back of your body. You may have to bring in some extra pillows or cushions to your rescue.

Work on the Armrests

Needless to say, the comfort of your arms also matter a lot while seated. This is why you also ought to pay keen attention to them. Adjust the armrest positions of the OFFICE CHAIR UNDER $300 you are seated on. Lower the armrests in such a way as to accommodate your hands flat and comfortable. Your shoulders should not strain but be flat and relaxed. This is to minimize the strains on your shoulders and arms.

Be Mindful of the Wristrests Too!

Also necessary is the comfort of your wrists. It is on these sections of your seats that you rest your palms in between any two consecutive keystrokes. Find wrist rests that are narrower and lower than the space bar of your computer's keyboard. The logic that underlies this is the fact that they are never meant to rest the palms while typing. As such, they have to be as small as possible.


It is not enough to obtain the raw knowledge in and of itself. It pays to take the next step to leverage the benefits of such knowledge. This is why we now urge you to adopt at least one of the strategies we have outlined and explained above. And because you are not the only one who spends plenty of your time on the office desk, it is a wise idea to share this information with others like you.

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